Our Vision

Partnering with Jesus to transform our neighborhoods, work places, schools and cities with His love, message and ministry.

Our Mission

Loving God, Loving Our Neighbors.

In that love is an action, we are Reaching Up to God, Reaching In to Each Other, and Reaching Out to Neighbors near and far.

We are REACHING UP to God, that we may know Him, bring Him Glory and hear from Him. We gather to worship Him with all of our hearts, to pray and to hear from His Word. 

We are REACHING IN to each other, that we may have meaningful relationships with others. We are building friendships that equip, encourage and serve others. 

We are REACHING OUT to San Diego and beyond. We are loving and serving others through our time, resources and lives.

Our Practices

We live our mission through these practices:

Worship: Responding to God's love through intimate worship in life and song.
God's Word: Studying and living God's Word.
Fellowship: Building strong friendships with others.
Outreach: Living lives that reveal the Good News of Christ.
Training: Building up and equipping all people for all aspects of life and ministry.
Ministry: We all take part in ministering God’s love and mercy to all people: the sick, the poor and the church.
Prayer: Boldly approaching God in prayer to know Him, be changed by Him, and to change the world.

Our Story

Vineyard North began as Vineyard Christian Fellowship, Inland North County in September of 1996 when Ron and Susan Ford and their four sons were called to start a new church in North County San Diego. Ron and Susan pastored the church until 2007 when they passed the leadership to Craig and Galyn LaMaster and their three daughters. Most recently Craig and Galyn handed the church off to Cody and Michelle Busick and their three sons in May of 2014. Ron and Susan Ford and Craig and Galyn LaMaster continue to be a part of this growing community of people and are partnering to help the Vineyard become all that God has called it to be. 

We are a people in process, none of us have arrived. We are made up of ordinary people that are teachers, retirees, missionaries, stay at home moms, church planters, community architects, teens, good neighbors, pastors, young professionals, contractors, IT professionals and more that are loving and serving others while learning to follow after Jesus. Many of us have the same fire burning in them for our community to be transformed, for the poor, justice, church planting, or overseas missions as you. 

Throughout our history we have been an authentic community of people seeking after Jesus and loving those around us. We have a meaningful history and deep roots into the life and community of North County San Diego.

Come and take part in the story!